To all my dear customers and friends,
I have big news for you. I am closing my store in Woodstock end of June. My little store on the beautiful historic square is very special to me, but the time has come!
I will miss all my wonderful customers and friends, relationships I have developed over the 11 years I have been in business. So many sweet memories! I am eternally grateful for all the support and feedback I have received over the years, it has been instrumental in creating my formulas, and it has made me better at my craft.
Now for the good news! I am not retiring the soap business, I am just moving to Austin, Texas! My husband and I are packing up our stuff, dogs and cats and embarking on a new adventure!
Once settled in my new soap studio we will ramp up production and focus on our website silverprairiesoap.com and in no time you will again be able to get all your favorites online.
Until then you will have a couple of weeks to stock up until we run out, and we will shortly announce a final sale. We are also planning to keep supplying our local retailers. We will keep you updated with newsletters and stay in touch on Facebook.
Thank you for everything, bless you!
❤ Annette Gast